‘666 Park Avenue': Jane Learns The Truth About Who She Is

As 666 Park Avenue opened this week, the man who took Gavin Doran’s mysterious red box risked opening it. It led to his demise as the new owner arrived to retrieve it.

Jane continued dealing with the happenings of Halloween night. Unfortunately, when the police arrive, they don’t believe her story. They can’t find evidence of the death she claimed took place. There’s no evidence of destruction of the wall where the Starlings hide. Also, when she takes the police to view the dumb waiter she used to get away from her attacker, it looks as though no one has used it in years.

Henry chastises the police officers for not believing Jane. The female cop suggests Jane needs to see a psychiatrist. Jane’s so upset she begins looking for another apartment. She wants nothing more to do with the Drake, telling Olivia she doesn’t feel safe there.

Elsewhere, Gavin has arranged for the man he thinks kidnapped his wife to be brought to him. Mr. Trent insists he was just hired to scare Olivia, not to hurt her and claims he doesn’t know who hired him. It was just a voice on the phone.

When Gavin threatens Trent, his associate, Sam Steinberg leaves the room. When Sam asks Gavin what he intends to do to Trent, he tells him the same thing he’s going to do to him. So Steinberg ducks into an elevator hoping to get away. It doesn’t work. He ends up on the fifth floor and finds he can’t find a way out. He takes an Exit sign only to find never ending corridors.

Gavin has one of the Drake’s resident physicians examine Olivia. The doctor tells her she fainted because of too much champagne and not enough food. However, he tells Gavin there was chloroform in his wife’s system.

Gavin asks him not to tell his wife and then volunteers to make the struggling doctor a loan of $50,000. The doctor gambles the money away on horses. After he loses all of it, he feels his chest burning. When he looks in the mirror, he sees $50,000 burnt into his flesh.

As Olivia enjoys her lunch, a man accosts her. He tells her he’ll give her a chance to distance herself from her husband before he ruins him and takes her with him. Then he suggests she needs to get another blood test; this time from a doctor not connected to Gavin.

Henry continues to explore a political career. He makes an appointment to meet with activists who can help him with the help of the marketing specialist who recently approached him. It’s obvious the woman has designs on Henry.

The male police officer who questioned Jane decides to go back and speak with her a second time. He tells her, in a round about way, that things aren’t always as cut and dried as they seem. Does that mean he believes her story? It’s possible. Later on in the episode, he’s seen doing some research on the Drake’s history. He begins to notice some strange patterns that worry him.

Back at the Drake, Sam Steinberg has given up getting out of the hotel. He decides to hang himself on the fifth floor Exit sign. Gavin stops him just in time and tells him he knows that he arranged for the theft in his apartment. Sam admits that he helped steal Gavin’s $10 million worth of Barra bonds. That disclosure clues something for Gavin. He appears to let Sam go.

Back at the apartment, however, Gavin gets confronted by Olivia. She had a second blood test like suggested and found out about the chloroform. When she asks her husband about it, he tells her the truth. She asks why he kept it from her for some jewelry and Barra bonds. He tells her it wasn’t the safe in the closet that was robbed. She then understands that the red box is missing. She asks Gavin if they’re in danger. He tells her not if he can help it.

Gavin shows Olivia a picture of the man. She recognizes him as Victor Shaw — the man who accosted her at lunch. Now Gavin has a name to go with the face. It doesn’t take him long to track the man down. He meets him at a restaurant with a gift-wrapped package. Shaw says it was kind of him to wrap up his money. Gavin tells him it’s not money; it’s what happens when he wins.

The two exchange words and Shaw tells Gavin he knows about how he helped Olivia get away an obsessive lover by imprisoning him. Is he the thing in the red box?

After Doran walks away, Shaw opens the gift box. He finds Sam Steinberg’s head inside. Later, as he heads home, Shaw’s surprised to hear the red box making noises that sound like a heartbeat.

The doctor tracks down Gavin and asks about the brand on his chest. Gavin says he shouldn’t have taken advantage of his generosity. However, he says he’ll forget the physician’s loan if he agrees to work for him; always on call. The man agrees.

Gavin meets with Kadinsky in prison and asks the man to work for him. He says he can get him out of jail. A little while later, the prisoner gets stabbed and is taken to the hospital. Low and behold, it is where the Gavin’s new doctor friend works. Gavin calls and tells the physician to make sure Kadinsky gets away.

As Jane makes plans to get away from 666 Park Avenue, Henry uncovers the articles on Peter Kramer; the man Jane claims assaulted her. He confronts his girlfriend about her supposed “ghost”. She tells him she wants to move back to Indiana. Henry isn’t happy and walks out, leaving Jane alone. That’s when she examines the article more closely and discovers the women in the picture is wearing the necklace. She finally knows she is related to the Kramer family.

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