‘666 Park Avenue’ Loses Jane; Finds Sasha?

A puppet master pulled a lot of strings on this week’s 666 Park Avenue. Jane reappeared after descending a spiral staircase in the Drake’s basement and it turns out that Gavin and Olivia’s daughter, Sasha, might not be dead after all.

Just as the show is getting good, it’s about to go off the air. ABC is pulling the plug after it finishes airing the 13 episodes already in the can. That’s sad because viewers probably will be left with a fist full of questions and no final answers.

At the end of last week, Jane discovered her grandmother’s necklace fit into the eye mosaic she discovered in the basement of her apartment building. When she placed the pendant into the eye, the mosaic opened to expose a spiral staircase, which Jane travelled down. Unfortunately, the mosaic closed up on top of her, cutting her off from the exit and from young Nona who was waiting for her up above.

This week’s episode began with Henry passing out flyers of his missing girlfriend while Jane wandered what appeared to be the streets of the same city. Then, all of sudden, the scene changes and she’s found in a fugue state at the hospital; remembering nothing about what happened to her. She does; however, remember Henry when he comes to visit her after she’s identified. She begs to go home, but the doctors keep her 48 hours for observation. They drug her repeatedly after she gets hysterical when a nurse tries to take her blood pressure.

Henry worries that his girlfriend has lost her mind. She hasn’t. She’s clever enough to listen to the nurses as they talk about someone else — Julian Waters — who was found in a similar condition. Jane figures out a way to find Julian and talk with him. When she does, she notices he’s drawn symbols on the walls around him. Once back in her room, she replicates the symbols in hopes they will lead her to some answers.

During their brief conversation, she asks Julian if he went down the stairs in the basement. He tells he didn’t. He came up them.

Back at the Drake, Louise returns from her supposed photography gig to find Brian back home. She comes clean with him about getting hooked on prescription drugs and he forgives her. That angers Louise’s assistant, Alexis. She wants Briant for herself. She even shows up to cry on Louise’s shoulder about her married boyfriend’s inability to get away from his “b**ch of a wife”.

Gavin is having problems with Victor Shaw. Despite Kadinsky’s torture and beating, Victor won’t tell Mr. Doran where he hid the red box. So Gavin amps up the torture, somehow convincing Shaw that he’s seeing the dead father who abandoned him as a child. The man apologizes to his son and says he meant to come back for him but couldn’t. Eventually, Victor drops a hint about where the box is hidden. It’s in a chuch.

Shaw realizes he’s been had but still manages to get his own licks in. He tells Gavin that his daughter committed suicide, rather than dying in a car accident as believed. He also tells him why she killed herself. It was because she discovered what her father was. He says she was terrified of him. To cap it all off, he also tells Doran that his wife knew all along that Sasha killed herself.

Olivia admits to the deception when confronted. Gavin says he didn’t need her protection but the two manage to somehow make up nonethless.

Doran goes to the church to retrieve his property. The font full of holy water ripples as he walks by. He goes into the confessional where the priest immediately recognizes him. He says he was told he couldn’t enter a holy place, but Gavin tells him he loves churches. The scene fades out.

Back at the Drake, Olivia confronts Victor and asks how he knew about Sasha’s suicide. He tells her that Sasha told him. Then he tells the grieving mother that her daughter isn’t really dead. He promises to take her to Sasha if she lets him go. While Olivia struggles with the idea, she eventually gives in. When Gavin returns to once again meet with his prey, he discovers Shaw is missing.

The police detective Jane met on Halloween suspects she isn’t crazy. He agrees to help her, much to Henry’s chagrin. The seemingly jilted suitor begins to wonder if there is something going on between his girlfriend and the cop. However, it’s the detective and not Henry who manages to get Jane sprung from the hospital after she witnesses Julian Waters death. He was hung in his room from an apparent suicide.

Jane hurries home to fnd Henry and finds the engagement ring he intended to give her the night she disappeared. She’s happy at the prospect of marriage and glad to be in Henry’s arms when he returns home. But will he still ask her to marry him now that her sanity is in question?

Later, Jane meets with Nona and tells the young woman that she only remembers flashes of what happened. Nona says she might know someone who can help Jane remember the rest. It’s a woman named Maris, played by Whoopi Goldberg. When Jane goes to her apartment, she sees the same symbols Julian had in his room carved into the door jamp of Maris’s apartment. She takes a deep breath and rings the bell.

To find out who Maris is and what, if anything, she can help Jane remember, fans have to tune in next week. 666 Park Avenue airs Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. on ABC.

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