‘666 Park Avenue’ Premieres, Promising Death and Destruction

The highly anticipated 666 Park Avenue premiered this weekend and it didn’t disappoint. Terry O’Quinn was at his evil best and Vanessa Williams played it appropriately cool and calculating.

Richard Annable and Rachael Taylor proved the perfect innocent couple for Gavin and Olivia Duran to prey upon. Will Jane (Taylor) regret pushing Gavin to hire them after originally dismissing them out of hand?

It seems that answer is a very likely “yes”. Somewhere deep inside of her she knows she’s in deep trouble. So why did she sign that employment contract?

It’s because Gavin Doran owns a beautiful apartment building called the Drake. It’s old and full of history; two things that fascinate Jane. She might have hesitated had Gavin not suggested she review the building’s renovation plans with eye toward giving him her recommendations. That sealed the deal.

People move into the Drake but never leave. As the episode begins, viewers see a formal symphony performance with a master violinist who just happens to live at the Drake.

As he plays, the man’s fingers start to bleed and he makes pointed looks in Gavin’s direction. Once the concert’s finished, he races home and pack. Then he smashes his violin into a million pieces before running out the door.

The building tries to stop him by closing the doors and windows, leaving him no exit. However, after offering up a prayer and using all his strength, the man manges to push through to the outside.

Unfortunately, his relief is short-lived. A panel in the Drake door opens up and beckons him. As he turns to try to leave, it sucks him back into the building.

That isn’t the only frightening event taking place though. Shortly after Jane and Brian take over as apartment managers, Jane sees a man with blood on his hands. He tries to tell her he cut himself, but it’s obvious that isn’t what happened.

Later, the audience learns the man killed someone for Gavin. In turn, the Drake’s owner promised to give him his dead wife back. He fulfills his promise too, only there’s a catch. To keep her, the man must keep killing for his landlord.

Next, Gavin asks him to kill someone who won’t sell him the property he wants. The tenant sets out to do it, but then finds he can’t. He tells Gavin he won’t do it and suffers the deadly consequences.

Because she’s interested in architecture, Jane explores the recesses of the building. She’s delighted when she finds a mosaic of a dragon on the basement floor. Research indicates it was the symbol of an old brotherhood. She finds pictures of the mosaic as it looked back in their day. She also, however, notices a door that is no longer visible in the basement. It’s been covered up by a wall.

Gavin and Olivia take a special liking to the Martins and invite them to the symphony. Olivia insists on buying Jane a dress for the occasion. When Jane sees how much the dress costs, she declines the gift. However, when Olivia sends it to her anyway, she wears it.

After they return home from the symphony, Jane tells her husband she felt Gavin’s eyes on her all during the performance. She begins to get nervous that the Drake isn’t a safe place. However, her husband allays her fears and she finally brushes them away too.

There’s another loving couple in the building — Brian and Louise. He’s a stay-at-home writer with an eye for the young blonde living in the apartment building across from them. When his wife hires the woman as her assistant, he looks both shocked and happy. But is he also suspicious?

Later, when the couple try to go out of the building, Louise gets trapped in the elevator door and is seriously injured. Will that give Brian time to spend with her new assistant?

Although the Martins have little money, Jane seems to have one thing everyone in her building admires. It’s a necklace given to her by her grandmother.

Olivia admires it as does another tenant. The young woman suggests Jane watch over it, telling her there is a thief at the Drake. As it turns out, viewers soon learn the thief is the young woman.

Why does she take things? It appears that’s she psychic. When she holds Jane’s necklace, she sees the girl being chased by someone with an ax. That’s how the first episode of 666 Park Avenue ends.

What happens next? Tune in Sunday nights, 10:00 p.m. on ABC to find out.

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