‘666 Park Avenue’ Sneak Peek: First Nine Minutes Released by ABC

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ABC has released the first nine minutes of its new series, 666 Park Avenue. The new sneak peek preview introduces fans to the show’s main characters and tells a bit of their back story.

Jane Van Veen and her boyfriend, Henry Martin, are browsing for apartments on Craigslist when they find a listing that seems too good to be true. A swank New York City apartment building, The Drake, is looking for a new resident manager.

When they arrive at the building for an interview, they meet Gavin and Olivia Doran, the building’s owners. At first, the couple is dismissed by Mr. Doran, but he (of course) reconsiders and offers them the job, which includes an amazingly beautiful two-bedroom apartment.

Little do they know, they have just made a deal with the Devil. Mr. Doran ensures that all of the dreams of The Drake’s residents come true, but at what price?

Fans of the book by Gabriella Pierce on which the show is based will be surprised to see that almost nothing from the book will appear in the show. In the book, Jane is unaware that she is actually a witch and finds herself wooed by the Duran’s and their power. They are also witches, and she must fight to escape from their evil clutches. Also, the book doesn’t include an apartment building at that address; the Duran family lives in a huge home consisting of several floors.

Executive Producer Matt Miller recently told TVGuide.com, “No. There’s nothing at all from the book. I know [series creator] David Wilcox read the book, as a cursory pass at it. It was really more about like the general concept and the title that everyone at ABC was interested in. He obviously went off and came up with his own world and his own story.”

He promises that the show will be a psychological thriller and will explore the lives of Jane, Henry, and the rest of the residents in the building which is actually located at 999 Park Avenue.

Will you tune in to watch 666 Park Avenue? Check out the first nine minutes below, and share your thoughts on the sneak peek below.

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