77-Year-Old Congressman Thwarts Attack on Daughter

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Representative Leonard Boswell, the U.S. congressman for Iowa’s third congressional district, fought off an armed robber late Saturday night with some help from his grandson.

The 77-year-old Democrat was spending some time at his farmhouse in his home state with his wife, daughter and grandson. Around 10:45pm Saturday night, an armed man entered the Lamoni, Iowa farmhouse. The intruder assaulted Boswell’s daughter, Cindy, and demanded money. The heroic congressman heard Cindy’s screams and made his way to his daughter. Boswell entered the walkway to the home, immediately went after the armed assailant’s gun and began to wrestle with him. While the congressman and the intruder tangled, Mitchell Brown, Boswell’s quick-thinking 22-year-old grandson grabbed a shotgun and confronted the armed man. Being the coward that he is, the armed invader fled into a nearby field and has not been caught yet.

According to Boswell’s office, the congressman and his family are fine, other than some minor bumps and bruises. Grant Woodard, Boswell’s Chief of Staff, on behalf of Boswell, said that the congressman did what anyone would do if their family were in trouble and expressed gratitude for his 20 years of military training. Boswell’s and Brown’s old school heroics evoke romantic notions of colonial Americans defending their land and families and a thankfulness for the 2nd Amendment. The rest of us should be thankful that an increasingly violent America has not seriously injured its second member of congress in less than a year.

With Congresswoman Gabby Gifford being severely wounded by a madman in January, and now Congressman Boswell being targeted by an armed man, do you think members of Congress should be required to have bodyguards? Please share your thoughts.

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