8-year-old Botox Girl Britney Campbell in the Custody of Family

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The 8-year-old girl who shocked the country when she admitted that her mother injected her with Botox is now in the care of her family.

On Monday, officials confirmed that Kerry Campbell, who is under investigation, lost custody of her child. Rumors also surfaced that Britney Campbell entered into foster care. But those rumors have since been squelched. Britney Campbell is in the care of her family.

Child Protective Services removed Britney from her mother’s care over the weekend and according to Radar Online, the little girl is upset over the situation. An insider stated that Britney doesn’t understand the reasons behind the issue and feels like it’s all her fault.

Kerry Campbell made major headlines when she discussed and administered Botox to her daughter Britney on a “Good Morning America” segment. Though Kerry is an aesthetician, she is not permitted to give Botox to anyone.

Now because of her actions, Kerry will have to own up to her poor decisions. CPS stated that there was no clear timetable about the custody issue. They also admitted that it could take some time before Britney can live with her mother. Officials are conducting a thorough investigation and are concerned about the child’s psychological trauma about the situation.

Though it’s heartbreaking to hear that a little girl is upset after being taken from her mother, a mother who elects to inject her 8-year-old with Botox is not a parent. She is making poor decisions for her child that could have severe long-term consequences. What was she thinking?

Kerry Campbell should look within herself before making such choices. It’s despicable and though the ordeal is likely traumatic for Britney, it serves as a lesson for all the overbearing pageant moms out there.

Let kids be kids.

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