83 year old man evicted from lifelong home because city needs his home for a “family in need”; Is this going to be a common thing?

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An 83 year old man from the UK who has lived in the same three bedroom home since 1936 is being evicted and forced to move into an apartment because the city needs his home for a “family in need”.

The man, Edward Meakins, is being evicted because he now lives alone after the death of his sister. The council feels that the home is too big for him and that they can put it to better use for a larger family in need.

Meakins fears that leaving his home and moving into an apartment will kill him. 

“I moved here when I was nine, which was 74 years ago, and I don’t think it is fair that after I have lived here for that long I should go and live in a flat,’ he said, going on to add that: “This has been my life in this house since I was nine. Why do they want to turn me out? I don’t suppose I have got many more years to go, so why can’t they just leave me here until I die?”

Meakins is very much against the idea of moving into an apartment. He is an avid gardener and has a garden at his home that he enjoys tending to.

‘I have been very worried about it. I wouldn’t last long in a flat, it would kill me.” He said. “I have got my garden and all my life here, so why do they want to take it all away from me?”

Emotional: Mr Meakins fear he will die if he is moved out of his home of more than seven decades

He’s not the only one who will be forced to move. Just last month, the work and pension secretary said that pensioners (which is basically the same as social security here in the United States) may be moved from their “under-occupied homes” to provide for families in need of a larger home.

The Barnet Council released a statement about Meakins situation. They said they know it must be hard on him, but they are still forcing him to leave.

Facing eviction: Edward Meakins has been told he must move out of his council house to free up space for a family

The statement read: “We sympathise with Mr Meakins’ position, and we appreciate that the prospect of leaving the family home after so many years must be very difficult for him. However, Mr Meakins is living in a three-bedroom council house, which are in very short supply in Barnet. We have to balance our sympathy for his position against the needs of the large number of people on the borough’s housing register who are desperate for a good quality family home. We will continue to offer Mr Meakins all the support we can in finding suitable alternative accommodation.”

How can someone be evicted from a home that they own? It’s a scary thought and one that makes you shiver. What if this idea caught on in other countries  – such as the United States? Would we all be as docile as the people of Meakins hometown are? Would we just let our elderly population be pushed around so that the upcoming generation can live their lives comfortably? It’s awful and it’s too bad that there isn’t a way that Meakins can sue the council for forcing him to move and causing him stress.


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