9-inch Sky Heel Shoe: Lady Gaga to Blame for Ridiculous Creation

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The 9-inch Sky Heel shoe is set to hit British stores next year. Why in the world was the 9-inch Sky Heel created? Why, celebrities of course! Celebrities and moronic demands to be like celebrities, specifically Lady Gaga.

The 9-inch Sky Heel won’t just allow you to touch the sky, it is a record breaker too. It will be the absolute tallest in high heel shoes so everyone will be able to clearly see the fool who is walking like they are on stilts. But don’t worry you 9-inch Sky Heel fans because this high heel doesn’t just break shoe records, it will probably break your precious neck and ankles as well!

The 9-inch Sky Heel will be available in red and gold so remember to accessorize accordingly. The Sky Heel designers will be selling their monstrous 9-inch creations for around $100 which is supposedly economically priced so we can all break our necks! Yippee, nothing like adding 9-inches to your height only to end up 6-feet underground!

A spokesman for the 9-inch Sky Heel called it’s creation an attempt for to design a shoe, “by the catwalk for the sidewalk. The Sky Heel was fueled by customer demand to mimic the celebrity look. We’ve seen the five-inch and six-inch, and we’ve even seen the seven-inch heel.” Now, it looks like we’ve seen it all!

Heck, what’s the use of buying 9-inch heels if you can’t walk in them because of busted ankles? Oh yeah, those ankles wouldn’t have been busted if you hadn’t bought those darn skyscraper heels! What a vicious cycle that will be! Looks like it’s time to invest in companies which make casts and wheelchairs.

So, everyone, all together now, let’s say, “Thank you Lady Gaga! You really do create trends!”

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