900 Pet Deaths, Illnesses Caused by Chinese Dog Treats

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At least 900 pet deaths and illnesses have been linked to Chinese dog treats. Six months ago the FDA issued a warning about the chicken jerky dog treats. Since March the number of complaints of pet sicknesses and deaths have doubled.

900 Pet Deaths, Illnesses Caused by Chinese Dog TreatsThroughout the U.S. these Chinese dog treats have caused kidney failure in pets and even death in many instances. The FDA continues their investigation into these terrible pet deaths.

The treats believed to have caused the problem are Nestle Purina’s Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch, and both of these are produced in China. However, the FDA does not know what it is about the Chinese produced dog treats that have caused the problem for pets that eat them.

The FDA has warned about these treats since 2007, but things really escalated near the end of 2011. Pet owner Terry Safranek, who owned a Fox Terrier named Sampson who died in January, said, “It’s hard to believe that we’re still fighting the same battle. The last thing that he ate and then threw up was the chicken jerky. It kills me that the treats I fed him killed him.”

There’s no doubt that many pet owners feel the same as Safranek. To think that your pet died because of something as fun as treats is almost unbearable. People whose pets have been affected have created a Facebook group called “Animal Parents Against Pet Treats Made In China.”

Why on Earth are these pet treats still on the shelves? With all these pet deaths and illnesses they should be removed until somebody figures out what the cause is. Has your pet become ill after eating these dog treats? If so, did you report it?

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