900 Pound Alligator: S.Carolina Gator Hunting Season Pays Off for Massachusetts Woman

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A 900-pound alligator was harnessed by a Massachusetts woman in South Carolina. The huge gator was caught using a fishing pole by a woman and her friends during a sanctioned hunt on Lake Moultrie after securing it in their boat.  Imagine a woman who kills a 900 pound gator?

My, what a catch!

A 900-pound gator is a sight to reckon with, and a prize to many who often take a lifetime to catch on of this size.  You’d expect to see an animal of this size on an episode of the “Discovery Channel”.  However, the 900-lb. reptile was caught by a woman, Massachusetts resident, Mary Ellen Mara-Christian, and all of her five-foot-something frame was used to land the alligator.

The huge reptile was caught by the woman while on a hunt in South Carolina for reptiles.  She, her husband, and a few friends were hoping for a catch, but their expectations were exceeded when a huge tug came on the woman’s line.  “He was right there at the edge of the bank swimming on the edges,” Mara-Christian said. That’s when the struggle began to secure the mammoth alligator, all 900 pounds of it.

Mara-Christian battled with the hulking 900 pound alligator for nearly two hours before she was able to hook it and secure it in the boat.  Because South Carolina law forbids shooting an animal until its secured, they followed protocol and shot their prize 8 times, but had to stab it in the back for the kill.

Back home to celebrate the catch

“He was enormous. You could see this part of him coming out of the water, his big belly, then you saw his head,” the now popular Mara-Christian said.

After the woman relished in the moment, having killed her prized 900 lb gator, the reptilian beast was loaded onto a truck using a tractor, and hauled off to a nearby processing plant.  Mara-Christian, aka “The Gator Whisperer”, plans to take the nine-hundred pound catch back home where she will have it stuffed and mounted.

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