‘90210’: Gillian Zinser Axed – Was It Time for Ivy to Go?

90210 has let go of another of its regular cast members. It seems every season one or more of the cast is sent off to some other location to never be seen from again. Last season, it was the adults that went off to Paris. The kids were in college. The adults weren’t needed anymore! This season, the series has demoted Gillian Zinser. Yes, blonde surfer chick Ivy has been given her walking papers.

Ivy will not be seen in season five unless she appears as a guest star, according to Us Weekly. The same status was given to Teddy Montgomery, played by Trevor Donovan, last season. Fans have seen him pop up a few times since he was demoted. The last appearance was in the season finale when Erin Silver asked him to help her have a baby.

Was it time for Ivy to go though? Zinser joined the cast in season two, and she was given regular cast member status in season three. Through her time on the series, fans have seen her fall in love twice, get married, cheat on Dixon, almost drown, deal with both mommy and daddy issues, and now she has run off to Mexico to be with her latest boyfriend only weeks after she was mourning the death of her husband.

It is safe to say a lot has happened to Ivy during her time on the show. Could more have happened? This is teen drama at its best. Anything can happen. However, only so much can happen to one person before the fans start to think it is too much. Ivy getting dangerously close to that being the case.

What do you think? Are you sad you won’t get to see Ivy anymore on 90210?

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