90210 Season 2 Episode 11 [Video]

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90210 returns to the CW this week after a brief holiday break with an episode titled And Away They Go! A good part of this season’s focus has been on Liam’s one night stand with Naomi’s sister, Jen. Hardly anyone knew about it, and he has been dying to tell Naomi, but at every turn Jen seems to outwit him and get away with it again. Now his friends finally know what happened, and on on this week’s episode they come up with a plan to take down Jen and expose the truth to her sister and all that know Jen, including everyone’s favorite teacher, Ryan.

This week’s episode opens up with Navid waking up in the hospital, and he looks to be doing alright. The first he looks for is his girlfriend, until he remembers they are no longer together. Actually he is reminded of that fact by Naomi. Adrianna finally shows up after everyone is gone, and she says she heard what happened and decided to stop with the drugs, apologizing for everything she said to him. He isn’t interested though, and he sends her on her way. As for Jen, Ivy overhears Jen inviting Ryan to opening day at Santa Anita, and a plan to get Jen back is hatched. As for Silver, she is dealing with the death of her mother with a little help from her friends. Adrianna doesn’t even show up at the funeral. Neither does Teddy. While she is mad at her friend, she goes to look for the young man, and the two of them share a moment bonding over the fact both of them lost their mothers. The moment ends with a kiss. A kiss that shocks both of them. Neither want more it seems, but the kiss plays on their minds.

As for Annie, even though her parents have made it a point for her to no longer see Jasper, she doesn’t listen. When her father catches her kissing him, they end up grounding her, but she gets around it with the old sneaking around with the boyfriend instead of going to study group trick. Race days arrives, and we stil don’t know what the plan is to expose Jen. Naomi, however, keeps receiving gifts from a secret admirer. As the day goes on, the truth finally comes out as once again Liam confronts Jen. Naomi overhears it, and Jen loses her sister. Not only that, but when Ryan finds out what she did to cover up her lies and make Liam look bad, he wants nothing to do with her either.

Jen is on her way out. Naomi is upset, and she goes to find Liam to help fix things. She’ll also have to apologize to Annie soon enough. Naomi does catch a little planned moment between Ivy and Liam though. Annie and Dixon finally make up though. Once he knew she hadn’t slept with Liam, things seem to clear up. He even helps out of a sticky situation with her parents. Naomi is clearly upset.With good reason! She has a horse, and she has a good friend in Silver though. Silver who likes Teddy, and also finally made up with Dixon. Next week, we have another episode of 90210. Check out a scene from tonight’s episode and a look at what is set for next once it becomes available.

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