90210 Season 2 Episode 12 [Video]

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Here it is winter time, and that means we have a Winter Wonderland dance. This week’s episode opens up with the announcement of the dance. Navid has pegged Jasper as having been the one to push him down the stairs, but they have no proof. He wants someone to point the finger on him for dealing drugs but getting someone to confess to the principal will be no easy feat. Teddy ends up asking Silver to the dance when she approaches him about sponsoring her in a breast cancer race, but she thinks he is joking. Meanwhile Naomi and Liam talk, and she is now directing her anger towards him. He should have told her sooner, which is something I think we can all agree on. However, her anger might be because of how she feels for him. She is keeping her distance though because of how she saw him kissing Ivy. Thing is she didn’t know Ivy was listening in.

Navid is truly convinced Jasper is the one that pushed him. He even confronts him, but Jasper only laughs at him. He tries to go to Adrianna to help him take down Jasper, but with her still being on probation it would have her end up in trouble as well. Liam tries to talk to Annie about the Naomi situation, but when Jasper shows up he leaves. Jasper surprises Annie by asking her to the dance in his own way, and Teddy tries for a second time to ask Silver with the grand public gesture, but she once again says no. The night of the dance arrives, and Teddy manages to get her to agree to a dance, and Adrianna finally figures out Annie and Jasper are dating. Will this be what it takes to get her to go to Harry about Jasper’s drug dealing? Annie even manages to get him on the dance floor. When Teddy kisses Silver she runs off, but Naomi tries to talk some sense into her friend. She tells her if she feels something she should go for it.

Once Naomi finds out Annie is dating Jasper and what he does at the school. she blames herself for what happened. Annie lost all her friends due to Naomi, and even though Naomi apologized to her for it, she still feels responsible and she thinks they need to do something to stop it. Ivy confronts Liam about Naomi, and he admits he still has feelings for her but as we know Naomi wants nothing to do with him. Would this change if she knew? Naomi and her friends try to talk to Annie, and it looks like they aren’t even getting through until Adrianna finally comes forward. Navid doesn’t want her to go to the principal though. He doesn’t want her to be expelled.

At the end of the dance, Silver and Dixon share a moment. She tells him about Teddy, but she doesn’t even know he already knew about Teddy asking her out. It looks like Dixon might want her for himself, so he doesn’t tell her about Teddy and the woman he was seeing. He even kisses her, but she doesn’t seem to thrilled about it. Dixon returns home and he tells his mother that after their talk he is ready to see his birth mother now. This shocks her. Ivy texts Naomi telling her Liam has something to say, so she goes to see him. After some discussion, these two are back on it looks like. Annie is found by Jasper, and she immediately confronts him, but he has a little surprise for her. He knows about her running over his uncle. This is where this first half of the season ends. 90210 is on hiatus until after the new year. Check out a scene from this week’s episode below, and a preview of what is to come when the series returns once it is available.



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