90210 Season 2 Episode 5 [VIDEO]

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If you’re a fan of 90210, you’re probably all caught up with this season so far. Season two of the series premiered on September 8th, and we’ve had some excitement along the way. Annie had a topless picture of her texted around the school, Liam is still trying to get Naomi’s sister to fess up to sleeping with him, Annie is still on the outs with just about everyone since she narced on Naomi’s prom party, and she is also dealing with the fact she hit a man that died and left the scene of the crime. Dixon dumped Silver and is now dating a DJ he met, but she doesn’t know he still goes to high school and thinks he is in the porn business. Meanwhile, Harry and Debbie seem to be having troubles, and Kelly might have a crush on him. It is too soon to tell on that. Adrianna and Navid are still going strong, even though they have had their issues this season. Those issues in the form of her ex coming back to town, Teddy Montgomery. After Adrianna kisses him, she rushes to Navid for their first time. Turns out he is also the main witness is the hit and run Annie did. Now that you’re are sort of caught up, let’s talk about this fifth episode of season two titled, Environmental Hazards.

This week’s episode starts with Navid happy he finally lost his virginity, Dixon is finally figured out when his girlfriend bumps into his mom and is shown a picture of him.  When Dixon goes to see her, she pretty much tosses him out on his behind before he even pass go. He does try another attempt at winning her back, but he is only shot down a second time. The two see each other again at a concert at the beach club,  and it looks like the third try is the one that works. Adrianna goes to an NA meeting, taking Navid and Silver along, but Silver doesn’t know that it is the same meeting her mother goes to. When she spots the woman, she rushes out but not before Jackie can spot her.

As for Naomi, her plans to California University are busted when her guidance counselor tells her she doesn’t have the test scores or the grades to get in. She is crushed because she was looking forward to going there. This sends her into a meltdown that has her wearing sweats and giving up. Silver and Adrianna need to team up together to fix it, and it looks like they are able to pull her out of it.  Her big plan involves dating the son of the dean of admissions at CU. No studying or SAT scores needed. She will win him over while he tutors her. The two seem to hit it off well, and Naomi’s plan works. However, Liam sees the two. Instead of telling Naomi about him and her sister, he erases the message.

Liam’s problems aren’t so easy though. After someone else takes his phone in class, Ryan takes the phone til the end of class and makes Liam write a paper. The paper is good enough to get Ryan to ask the teenager to enter his writing into a contest, but Liam isn’t willing. This makes the teacher to keep the phone for the entire day, but when Liam goes to get his phone after school, the teacher is gone and Liam decides to get the phone himself. Detention and a call home now look to be on the table for Liam. This is the last thing he wants. He just spent the summer in a wilderness retreat, and the last thing he wants is a return visit.  The parents come to meet Ryan, but when Ryan overhears Liam’s dad, he decides to change his tune and lies to his parents. However, he keeps the detention.

As for Adrianna and Navid, Teddy has managed to talk Navid into a double date that only turns into a smooch fest of one upping between Adrianna and Teddy. Not awkward at all. How long before Navid figures out what is up. Adrianna ends up confronting Teddy. but it ends up in a steamy kiss between the two of them. When will these two hookup? As for Silver, Jackie tries to make amends by buying Silver a car and asking her to come to one of her meetings. Silver goes, and after Jackie speaks about being given a second chance, Silver goes up to speak and totally destroys her mother in front of everyone. She gives her back the car, and walks out after telling Jackie she is dead to her. Looks like that grudge will last awhile. Jackie ends up calling Adrianna though, and she makes a shocking admission to her. She is dying of cancer. Adrianna tells Silver this, and this is how we end this week’s episode of 90210.

This 90210 might not have the same punch as the original did, but it still manages to pull me in week after week. Check out what you can expect from next week’s episode of 90210!

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