90210 Season 2 Episode 6 [VIDEO]

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At the end of last week’s episode of 90210, we had the shocking revelation that Silver and Kelly’s mom was dying of cancer. Silver found this out after she basically told her mother to drop dead, but she found out from someone other than her mother. This week, we open up things with Silver trying to deal with the news and going to Kelly for support. She asks her sister what they should do about the situation, and Kelly stands firm. They need to stay away from their mother and her drama.  However, Silver doesn’t end up taking her sister’s advice, and she goes to see Jackie. She tries to apologize about the things she said, but Jackie knows her daughter had every right to say those things to her. Jackie was a horrible mother to both Silver and Kelly. We saw some of her antics back when the original series aired.

However, with Silver’s visit, this opens the door wide for Jackie. She asks her daughter to move back in. This comes as a clear shock to the young woman, and to me watching the show. Kelly ends up going to their mother on her own and asks Jackie to leave Silver alone, telling her about her mental state. She does not want to make any kind of amends with Jackie now, and if she doesn’t soon she will never get that chance in the future. When Silver goes to see Jackie, her mother says Kelly is right and she will leave Silver alone. She is stunned, and she returns home to argue with Kelly. Kelly stands firm though, and as Silver’s guardian she makes the decisions in their home. Silver goes against her sister’s wishes though and moves in with her mother anyway.

As for the rest of the 90210 gang, romance seems to be in the air. This is not new. People hook up and break up all the time, but I’m not sure anyone saw this week’s coming. Adrianna decides to end her relationship with Navid. He is completely blindsided by the announcement over dinner, but Adrianna says she needs time to herself. That time alone lasts until she arrives back home and can manage to text Teddy. She moved quickly! However, Navid is crushed. He just lost his first love after all, and so soon after giving up his virginity. Adrianna is far from crushed as she and Teddy hook up. I thought this might happen, but not so quickly. However, Teddy and her have different ideas about what is happening between them. She wants a relationship, and they aren’t his thing. This leads her to run off. She then doubts what she did, and she wants Navid back. By the end of the episode, she tries to get him back, but he knows what happened. He wants nothing at all to do with her.

Annie also seems to have found a new man in her life. She has been hanging out a lot with the nephew of the man she killed over the summer with her hit and run. They seem to be getting along well, but she is warned off by others about her new man. Apparently, Jasper is known to be a little off balanced. The boy that took the picture of her naked is still interested though, and she finally gives in to hang out with him. Does anyone call it a date anymore? She seems to be keeping her distance from all her old friends. This new Annie is not something I really like, but we will have to see how it plays out and how the news of the hit and run will finally come out. She seems to be having fun playing the field as it is though. That is until Mark tries to push things a little too far and Jasper comes in to save the day out of nowhere. However, he is just as unstable as Mark said he was as we watch him rip up Mark’s car.

As for the older set, Kelly is still trying to avoid Harry, and Ryan is still trying to find love. He’s been dating Naomi’s sister, but the fact he isn’t the only man she is seeing doesn’t set well with him. This leads him to look for more options. He takes Harry on his wingman, but that wasn’t the best idea, especially when it looks like Harry scares all the women away. His mind also looks to be on someone other than his wife as well. As for Jen and Naomi, the two seem to be back and forth. Jen finally decides to move out and leave, but Naomi feels bad and changes her mind about helping her. She gives her sister one hundred grand for her divorce, but Jen ends up using it to buy a race horse. Something tells me Naomi won’t be too happy with that decision, but Jen tells her it was a gift.

Another heated episode of 90210. There is a lot going on right now with everyone. Next week looks like it will only heat things up more. For now, check out a scene from tonight’s episode and then check out the promo for next week as soon as it becomes available! What did you think of this week’s episode?


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