90210 Season 2 Episode 7 [VIDEO]

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Wow how time flies! Here we are in the middle of October, seven episodes into 90210’s second season. Last week, we saw Silver move in with her mother Jackie against Kelly’s wishes when Jackie informed all she was dying of cancer. This week, we will see some scary happenings as we are treated to a Halloween themed episode titled Unmasked. The episode opens with Liam having someone crash into his car. A new arrival to West Beverly, a pretty surfer girl. However, her and Liam seem to hit it off bad from moment one. However, we soon learn that she is the new person on the surf team at West Beverly. She comes in and starts to blow the rest of the team out of the water, as she wins a big competition West Beverly is in. These two actually end up in a suicide surf off against each other in order to solve their issues. Liam wins, and these two finally manage to find some common ground.

Annie and Jasper seem to be getting closer. She is now his new muse. He’s using her to write his new screenplay, and he wants her to be in his movie. Dixon’s love life is still in the closet, and this puts a strain on his life and his friendships. He finally goes to his girlfriend, and he is the one to end their relationship because it just isn’t working for him at all. He wants to be able to show her off, but because of their age difference he can’t. And when he says it is over. He does has some concerns about Annie’s new man though, but she once again does not listen to anyone when it comes to Jasper. She probably should have though. When Jasper takes her to film a scene in his movie, his head of a scene involves her stealing a car at the beach club. She is less than willing to do that, but after some convincing, she changes her mind.

As for Silver, she is still living with her mother. She is doing her best to take care of her. However, it is clear the stress is easily seen in this situation, and with her mental condition, there is much to worry about. Kelly is concerned, and even Naomi and Adrianna come to her with some concerns. Meanwhile, Silver is also dealing with being assigned to do a history project with Teddy, who she clearly cannot stand. Even when he tries to help her out and lies to their teacher about why their project is late, she can’t seem to be nice to him. After overhearing Naomi and Adrianna talking, Teddy knows what the situation is with Silver and why she was late with their assignment. He shows up at the hospital, and he offers her a ear because he’s also been through a mother having cancer. At first, she is less than willing to talk, but she gives in and the two finally connect. She shares with him what is happening to her, and he listens and understands like no one else has.

Naomi is also still trying to get her way somehow into California University, even if it means her dating the Dean of Admission’s son to do it. However, there is a problem. She has a thing for the son’s roommate, and he has a thing for her. This puts them both in an awkward situation, but they can’t seem to ignore their feelings. It looks like she even confides in him about what she is doing with Richard. Naomi still has some thing for Liam though, so seeing him with Ivy, the new girl, upsets her. However, Richard’s roommate shows up as her date for the night. The other romance situation on this week’s episode involves Kelly, Harry and Debbie. Debbie thinks Kelly has a crush on her husband still, and it causes problems between the two. However, when confronted by Harry, Kelly denies, and this seems to deflate Harry a bit.

However, there is nothing like the bombshell shocker we see at the end of the episode. Dixon’s girl, former girl anyway, is pregnant. Yes, folks. Here comes drama! Things seem to be heating up, but we will have to wait til Tuesday, November 3rd for another all new episode of 90210! Saw that coming with the Halloween themed episode this week. Check out below for a scene from tonight’s episode and a brief look at what is to come when the series returns in November when it becomes available.


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