90210 Season 2 Episode 9 [Video]

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90210 returns this week with another new episode titled A Trip To The Moon to keep us entertained. Try to anyway. Not sure if it is just me, but 90210 isn’t packing as much of a punch for me this season as it did last season. The same cast is there for the most part, and we’ve added some new faces, but the interaction was best and is still best when the group is together. Annie is off on her own. As is Dixon most of the time. You have the guys hang out, and the girls hang out, but even when all of them are together they aren’t all interacting. You see the new people mixing in and interacting, but that is it. Dixon had his issues with the fake baby mama in Sasha, who has disappeared now.  Dixon isn’t handling the news of her miscarriage at all well, but we all know she was never even pregnant. He won’t even let his dad help him get back on the team. He earned his punishment. As for the new man in Annie’s life, he is selling drugs to the likes of Adrianna, but he manages to lie to Navid about it, quite convincinly as well. As for Silver, she is avoiding having her half birthday party this year because her mother is sick, even though Jackie doesn’t seem to know one thing about her daughter.

Jasper seems to know how to win people over though. He tells Annie she managed to grab her an audition for a small movie role after showing his father some of the footage from his movie. Meanwhile Adrianna seems to have some issues with Silver and Teddy’s friendship. When Silver tells her about it, Adrianna says she is fine, but she pops some pills in the bathroom. She then ends up buying more pills from Jasper and Navid happens to see the interaction go down in the parking lot of the school. He now knows she is still using. Jasper’s lies are now known. You have to wonder if the audition is true as well. Adrianna looks all out of it once she takes the pills, and Navid ends up trying to call her to talk. Over this call, he confronts her on what he saw at school that day. She is less than willing to listen to him. Dixon is not yet ready to give up on Sasha, but his parents aren’t willing to let him go see her. They finally tell him what happened with Sasha, and how she faked the pregnancy. His mother does anyway. Dixon is upset though because his mother didn’t tell him. He is obviously upset. He even throws out the fact he is adopted when she tries to talk to him.

I actually miss Annie with the rest of the cast. This isolation is necessary, but still awkward. Jasper is pulling her in closer and closer, and it looks like he has somehow managed to get into her head so much that she wants to give up her virginity to him. While this is happening, Jackie tries to make it up to her daughter for all the missed parties over the years. This leads to them talking and it out. Silver when then have her half birthday party after all.  Annie doesn’t get the part, and she rushes to Jasper’s side for him to console her. This leads to her big moment. Her first time. KLiam is also having his own meltdown in this episode after Ryan tells him his dad might be right about him. This sets him off, and makes him a bad person to be around. He finally tells his friends about what Jen has been doing. This leads Dixon to realize he was wrong about Annie, but when he goes to apologize to her, she doesn’t even want to hear it. It only drives him and her further apart. By the end of the episode, we see what appears to be the death of Jackie. Next week, Annie brings Jasper home to dinner. Check out a scene from this week’s episode below, and a promo for next week as soon as it is available. What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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