99er Update: Change.org Tier V Unemployment Extension Petition up to 6,600 Signatures – Will You Sign?

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(99er Update: Tier V Unemployment Extension Petition Has Over 16,500 Signatures)

For the so-called 99ers – those who have exhausted or are soon to exhaust the 99 weeks of unemployment benefits they are eligible for under the federal unemployment extensions put in place with the American Reinvestment & Recover Act of 2009 (i.e. the stimulus package) – the question of further unemployment benefits as opposed to merely extended eligibility for collecting under the existing tiers is a major issue.


A petition over at Change.org aims to pressure lawmakers to pass another tier of benefits – Tier V. The petition has a goal of 7,500 signatures and as of right now is just a shade under 6,600, with more than 1,300 new signatories since Tuesday of this week alone.

Will you sign the petition?

Do you need further unemployment benefits?

If you do not, do you support the movement to help your fellow citizens who do need this emergency aid?

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