A Baby Is Born – A True Story ~ What Stories Are Your Ancestors Passing Down From One Generation to the Next

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As the night gently falls upon the country hospital of a West Virginia town, a young girl of the tender age of 17 was panicking as a new phase of her life was about to begin. Her life would never be the same, her innocent childhood would be traded in for that of a responsible young mother. Her childhood taken away far too soon would never return and yet this child would adapt to her new life because she had too. She would rise up to the calling of a mother in the blink of an eye. She would learn by trial and error. She would grow up with this child and she would prevail. She had to because it was the tradition of the times in that part of the country.


Later that warm May night, the screams of a baby could be heard as new life began and trials of the 17 year old woman forever changed. The little girl weighed in at 7 LB. 5 OZ and had a head full of dark hair. She was beautiful and brought a smile to the lips of a exhausted new mother just before she drifted off to sleep from exhaustion.


Life proved to be difficult for this new mother as she moved into a one room home with her new husband of just 6 months. There was no washer, dryer, indoor plumbing or indoor toilet to make life easier. There was no insulation in the walls nor in the floors. There was however a lot of love, dedication and strong will to survive.


The new mother found herself exhausted all the time as her iron levels dropped below normal but there was not a doctor to help. There was no money to pay for doctors, even if one would have been available. The mother breast feed her young daughter to keep her nourished. The young babe grew with great zeal. She teethed on her mother’s shoulder bone as was the norm for children in that part of the country.


The family history had begun to unfold for this baby and would be remembered for many generations to come. Sometimes these stories are lost but this story will never be lost as it was written on the pages of a journal. The journal has been handed down for four generations. The strength and love that began with one 17 year old girl will bless many who will learn from the trials written on the pages of the journal.


What story are you telling on the pages of your life history or personal journal?Are they filled with stories of how you grew through your trials or are they left blank, never to be told?


Do you have journals from your ancestors? I would love to hear some of the stories passed down through your ancestors. Would you share them with me?

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