A Bookish Affair ~ Nonet ~ MP2013

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A Bookish Affair


Door slams shut – sound, the tinkling bell

by Love’s perfume at once impelled

a blend of old leather binding

paper pages oft finding

a thousand times read

perhaps far more

breathe her in -

old book



stacks full

to bursting

piles on the floor

on bookshelves, thirsting

by the railing on each stair

all reclaimed from dark despair

attics, basements, unread…waiting

on white steed, he, her hunger sating

lifelong  enamored  this luscious tryst

heart a-twitter – knickers a-twist

to  touch  pale  pages preserved

in silence gaze is beauty served

years here waiting spent

her penitent

like a bloom,





and silence

together  love

no need she’s above

how, who, where, when or why

he will enquire – she’ll comply

her sultry soul bared page by page

enflamed is his heart – by love assuaged

Follow these rules:

1. Today’s form: nonetNine lines, or multiples of nine, each set of nine lines must be in the form of a nonet Start with nine syllables or end with nine syllables
Each successive line has one more or one less depending
Go ahead and add rhyme or acrostic or meter or nothing, your choice

2. Today’s prompt:  anything to do with reading and literature, really anything!

3. Publish so that the date stamped is April 23rd with only one stamp-date

4. Tag with MP2013 and nonet

Publish to Mindful Poetry (and other groups as you wish)

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