A Brooklyn Haunting: ‘Paranormal Witness’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

A Brooklyn Haunting was a fascinating look into the terrifying experiences one family had in their Brooklyn townhouse.

Elaine, her husband, and their daughters, Karen and Christine, longed to get out of their cramped apartment. The family finally found a home that they could afford—it was a charming Brooklyn townhouse that was much more spacious. Elaine had taken her brother along when she was looking at the house and he recalls feeling uneasy in the home. Nothing could change how much Elaine loved the house and she and her family moved into the house.

The disturbances in the house were not immediate or continuous. Over the course of 14 years there would be periods of activity that would simmer down for a while until they started back up.

There is a finished basement in the house. The basement has a room set up for Christine as well as the laundry room. There are two doors in the laundry room and lead to what the family calls “the dirt room” the room is just an empty space that isn’t tall enough to stand up in and leads no place. Elaine had told the girls to stay out of there but they would dare each other to enter the area. Every member of the family felt uneasy in that area, even Elaine who had the sensation that not only should the doors remain closed but also that someone was watching her.

Several times when Elaine was home alone, she would hear someone stomping up and down the stairs. On other occasions, both she and her daughters would hear someone calling their names but when they went to investigate there was no one there.

One day Elaine heard Christine screaming for her, and when she went to her daughter she saw the quilt being pulled from the bed by an unseen force. Apparently that same force had issues with people sleeping because often when Elaine would try to sleep the force would press down on her making it nearly impossible to breathe.

Discussing these matters with her husband proved pointless. He refused to believe in anything he couldn’t see and didn’t seem to have much use for his wife or daughters. Even when extremely loud banging heard by his wife and both his daughters caused them to call him at work, he was impatient. He looked over the house and dismissed the whole thing. As he was leaving to return to work, he heard the loud banging as well. He left for work anyway, ignoring the fear of his wife and children. The marriage eventually dissolved and Elaine retained the children and the house.

Christine decided to move from the basement to the attic. While she and Karen where moving her things into the space, Karen found a dress hidden in a space behind the wall. Upon showing it to Elaine it turned out to be a small white wedding dress designed for a very short, very thin woman. It was wrapped in a newspaper from the early 1950’s. Elaine immediately threw it out.

About a year after her divorce Elaine and her daughters were again subjected to disturbances in the house. This time more loud banging and maniacal laughter. Elaine called her new boyfriend and asked him to come over. After telling him everything about what had happened, he agreed to stay the night and slept in the living room where he was visited by the force pressing down on him and saw a vision of a skeletal man. He finds the event terrifying. Equally terrifying is that around this time Karen arises and walks to the bend in the stairs and sees a figure sitting on the stairs. She approaches and calls to her, thinking it’s her mother. The figure turns and is wearing a white dress like the one thrown out. Karen realizes it isn’t her mother and screams, calling her mother to her. By that time the figure had vanished.

Because Halloween is a big deal for her family, Elaine had a big party. At one point during the party, one of her friends informed her that her house was haunted and that she had seen the small woman in the white dress. That night Christine and Karen are sleeping in the same bed when Karen wakes because she feels a presence in the room. She sees it hovering over her sister. Terrified, she pretends to be asleep until it passes. At the same time Elaine is one again awakened in terror by the suffocating presence and the screaming image of the woman.

The next day Elaine sees a neighbor outside and stops to talk to him about the house. He recalls the couple that lived there had a son who married and he and his wife moved into the attic. They would bang on the radiator if they needed anything. One day she slipped and fell, hitting her head. She died before help could be summoned. The neighbor recalled the woman as tiny, thin and very beautiful in her white dress.

After that, Elaine calls in a medium. The medium arrives and goes to the basement saying: “You are dead. You don’t belong here, go to the light.” This is repeated over and over.

There have been no more disturbances in the house since that time—the Brooklyn haunting seems to be over.

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