A Canadian and an American talking about wikileaks.

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I recently instructed my publisher to pull my book from Amazon.com’s catalogue in protest to their buckling down to the illegal actions of the US government and shutting down the service hosting wikileaks. This took wikileaks offline for a few minutes.

I put an announcement to this effect on the main page of my books site – which prompted the following discussion which I think really highlights the sad situation of how an individual can become completely misinformed when their only sources of information are the mainstream media….


******American wrote:

I just wanted to tell you that your going to shoot yourself in the foot by your wiki leaks comment. I know your an Australian living in Canada and your not an American citizen. Your politics appear to be more of the Liberal Progressive with a European Socialist twist that is anti American but you have nothing to say about how America manages it National Security issues regarding Wikileaks especially during a time of war where American lives are at stake. If you want to be seen as someone who jumps on the side of Julian Assange, then your going to loose a lot of support from me and other American Patriots here. 

******Canadian Wrote:
Well that would be unfortunate but honestly, it sounds like you don’t actually know what wikileaks is, what they do and what they have NOT done, but have heard the lies that are being spread by the zionist owned mainstream media who’s owners are shit scared that people who are patriots and care for their country will find out how the bankers and government have been screwing them.

I don’t blame you for not knowing, the deck is stacked against you. You can’t know unless you actually go out and look for the info.

You might want to keep in mind that I am not American and don’t believe in the stupidity of left/right/socialist/democrat/republican/libertarian groupings of people so they can be conveniently smeared by ad hominem attacks to stop people listrning to what others say. I believe in History and information and justice and fairness. If that makes me a tree hugging dick sucking socialist hippy in America then all I can say is how bloody sad that such values are seen as anything but positive.

If you actually want to know the truth on what wikileaks does, what they’ve done, and what they have not done I’ll be happy to point you to relevant info, but be warned, you’re going to have to make an effort and study.

i think you know by now that I am not a stupid or ignorant individual, so give me the benefit of the doubt and trust me when i tell you that this wikileaks thing is far, far bigger than you know of, and it is not putting any people at risk.

It is exposing financial fraud which makes enron look like a drop in a bucket, and illegal activity by corrupt politicians and media in the US and around the world. Thats why everything you know about wikileaks is a lie. Because those controlling the US economy and foreign policy are desperate for you to never find out.

In the end I am practicing my right to free speech that i have as a canadian, to remove a product that i worked to produce, to remove any profit making by a company that is not standing up for free speech or for a person and organisation that are being falsely accused in the media who Have not committed ANY crimes nor have endangered anything but corruption.

I don’t want the support of patriots if you mean people who believe what the media tells them and attack others without checking it out first. I want support of True patriots who love their country enough to understand that things are very, very wrong and their country is being run into the ground for the profit of a few.

I’ll just reiterate. All you know about wikileaks is what you’ve been told. Who owns the media in the US? Who owns the Banks? could it be that you’re being lied to? If you are wouldn’t you like to find out?

******American wrote:

I respect your opinion but I don’t agree with you. Julian Assange is engaging in cyber warfare against the United States and our allies in this war on terror and thats wrong. That makes Assange a modern day terrorist. When he works with those people who access classified material and supply that information to people like Assange, thats a crime here in this country and thats considered espionage. When Assange makes public that classified material for people like you and I to see and comment on, that criminal. Assange is a foreigner and not a American citizen but he needs to be held accountable for his actions and that is espionage. Espionage is punishable by death according to our laws. Actually prosecuting someone is another story that calls for someone with a set of balls and who can withstand the liberal media’s bias. Remember, George Soros controls the liberal media through his personal finances and that man is a modern day Marxist who considers himself God and wants to destroy America.

You may have freedom of speech Canadian, but you then need to be held accountable for what you say in society. You just can’t do what you want or say what you want without having to worry about any sort of repercussions.

I’m not a Liberal Democrat. I didn’t vote for Obama or his far left socialist nutcases. I’m a Conservative. I can see the difference between good and evil and Julian Assange is anything but good Canadian. This guy will find himself on the receiving end of a bullet sooner or later.

On another front, man is not perfect. We were all born into sin but that does not get us out of being held accountable for our actions.

You know what this Julian Assange is Canadian, he is a little computer geek bitch who has no life outside of his computer world. You know Canadian, when you have people like this guy executing cyber warfare to humilate and destroy countries and economies, people will die and his hands are already covered in blood. Assange is guilty of atleast one crime and I’m sure more charges will follow.

I won’t stand for anarchy and high tech terrorism and no, I’m not brainwashed either. I can tell the difference between good and evil and Assange is the latter.

*******Canadian Wrote:

So in the end, you’d rather support wars based on lies (that you don’t know about), even if it took killing thousands of your own citizens in a false flag attack to justify illegal invasions (that you won’t even consider looking at the evidence of over 1200 architects and engineers who have proven how the three WTC buildings were taken down), killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians in nations that were no threat (having been fed the saddam had WMD lies and was involved in Sept 11 according to the whitehouse who now pretends they never uttered those words – yet the videos of them saying those lies are available online) and had not done anything to the united states, for the profit of private corporations (who own the members of congress through their campaign$ support) while they destroy your economy through bailing out wall street (costing each citizen of the united states tens of thousands of dollars) than have the decency to spend a little of your time looking at the words of the accused (innocent until proven guilty) – while trying to portray that choice to be wilfully ignorant (ignorance is strength) as some sort of asset?

You’ve been fed so much bullshit for so long that it’s become your normal and everything else is bullshit. It’s really really sad, but I’ve come to accept that the only knowledge most Americans have is based upon the lies of those who own the media, the banks, the pharmacuticals and the oil companies. They’d never lie would they? They only have your best interest at heart.

If you truly are so secure in what you believe then going and reading those links i sent you can do no harm right?

Keep reading the mainstream lies, beause you’ll get to the point where you’ll listen to Julian say something in a youtube video – then you can compare it to what the mainstream says he said, and it might actually sink in that you’re being lied to every day, all day, because you’re more useful brainwashed than angry and willing to do whatever it takes to save your country and your freedom.

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