A Chance to Rise and Win ~ Luc Bat Poetry ~ Mindful Poetry Contest 2011

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A Chance to Rise and Win
In the dugout we sat
Waiting our turns at bat
The first to bat was Jay
He swung and swung away~ “You’re Out!”
Said the Ump in a shout.
Victory was in doubt just then,
But next to bat was Ben,
The one we called “Big Ben” got there,
Tall and strong as a bear;
But would the pitcher dare to throw
To this child dynamo?
He let the first one go right by,
The next one was too high,
The third one found his eye… and… Clap!
And with a mighty rap,
The ball flew off the map and went
To Homersville with a dent
Sonic cheers! the air was rent with cries,
That was the run that ties!
A chance for us to rise and win!
And in the dying din,
With his voice waning thin, Coach said,
That I should go ahead,
And try to “knock ‘em dead, but good!”
I chose a bat of wood~
I chose my ashen good luck bat.
~Mustafa Demiri
  • Write a luc bat according to the links provided above or similarly patterned to mine posted here in this column
    + the syllable count alternates lines from 6 syllables to 8 syllables
    + there is no line length–your poem can be as short as four lines or as long as you wish
    + the rhyme scheme is highlighted in my example; first line has six syllables, the second line has eight syllables. In both lines, the sixth syllable rhymes. The eighth syllable becomes the sixth syllable’s rhyme in the succeeding line.
    + Note that the last line has eight syllables and that last word rhymes with the last word of your
    first line.
  • Prompt: a season or seasoning must appear in your poem
  • Tag with MP2011
  • Post to Mindful Poetry (and any other group of your choosing)
  • Publish so that the date stamped is April 5th
  • Follow the contest rules provided in Mindful Poetry’s Contest Invitation

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