“A Christmas Carol” and “The Last Airbender” Available on DVD Today

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Two great family movies have been released on DVD and Blu-ray today.  With the holidays coming, these will make great gifts, if you can manage to wait another month to watch them.

From Disney comes the highly anticipated release of “A Christmas Carol,” starring the voice of the talented Jim Carrey.

American actor Jim Carrey attends the premiere of A Christmas Carol at Empire, Leicester Square in London on November 3, 2009. UPI/Rune Hellestad Photo via Newscom

Director Robert Zemeckis has once again reached into the animated world that is so close to reality, you’ll have to blink.  In the exact style he created “The Polar Express,” Zemeckis has brought “A Christmas Carol” to life for a whole new generation to fall in love with.  With Carrey providing the voice of the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge, this DVD will be a must-have for your holiday collection.  Other voice talents include Gary Oldman as Bob Cratchit and Colin Firth as Fred.  Who’s doing the voices of the Ghosts of Christmases past, present and yet-to-come, you ask?  Why, it’s none other than the infamous Mr. Carrey himself.  Fix some hot chocolate, bake some cookies and get your whole family together to watch this incredible take on Dickens’ classic holiday story.  And if you’re a Disney Movie Rewards member, you can print out a coupon to save $10 on the DVD/Blu-ray combo pack.

Also in time for your holiday shopping is the highly-anticipated DVD release of “The Last Airbender.”  This film is full of spectacular special effects and has an amazing storyline, all brought to you by the wonderous M. Night Shyamalan.  Watch as newcomer Noah Ringer brings to life the amazing story of a 12-year-old boy who is meant to be the last hope of bringing harmony to a land filled with chaos.  In this land are those that can master the four elements: water, earth, fire and air.  But only one can master all four elements: the 12-year-old boy, known as the Avatar.  Follow along on his journey to save his world.  This is a movie that both adults and kids will enjoy, not only for the amazing effects, but for the wonderful storyline too.

It’s a week filled with family time, wonderful effects and fantastic stories on both DVD and Blu-ray this week.  The holidays are fast approaching.  Slow down, relax with your family and enjoy the show.


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