A Collection of Sermons by Billy Graham

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I was searching through some recorded semons of Billy Graham and found these and thought that I would share them with many of you. A great servant of Christ, Billy Graham has evangelized all over the world to hundreds of thousands of people. I do not mention Billy Graham as the one “who many have been saved by him” but rather that God through the power of the Holy Spirit has used him as a wonderful messenger to spread the gospel of Christ to so many lost souls. I hope that the videos below are a blessing to all who view them and a calling to those who need Christ.



(Sermon 1 of 8)


(Sermon 2 of 8)


(Sermon 3 of 8)


(Sermon 4 of 8)


(Sermon 5 of 8)


(Sermon 6 of 8)


(Sermon 7 of 8)


(Sermon 8 of 8)


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