A Complete Review of Lady Gaga’s Telephone Music Video with Beyonce – Watch Video

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Warning:  The Telephone Video does not contain anything YouTube saw fit too block, but it may not be for everyone.

After months of fans waiting, the world premiere of Lady Gaga’s video for her new single “Telephone” featuring Beyonce has happened. E!News shared the “Telephone” video premiere with the world, and it is now up on YouTube through Vevo. The “Telephone” video is certainly everything fans of Lady Gaga thought it would be and more.

The “Telephone” music video opens with credits much like “Paparazzi” and intersperses these with shots of razor wire to create a slightly sinister feeling. The first time the audience sees Lady Gaga she is being led through the center aisle of a cell block dressed in a prison stripe dress evocative of the 1940s with “killer” shoulder pads.

When she Is deposited in her cell, she is stripped of this dress and all she has on underneath are two pasties and highly revealing panties that featured a strategically placed blur when Lady Gaga lunges for the cell bars. Based on comments the guards make about her not having male reproductive organs, this is the primary opportunity for the world to see the blurry living proof.

The rest of the “Telephone” short film has a lot to live up to after the first couple of minutes, but it does so relatively well. Lady Gaga is next seen in a chain ensemble with heavily ornate glasses in the prison courtyard where she is passed a mysterious cell phone. Then Gaga appears in a cell with numerous other people in a studded bikini outfit covered by a similarly studded leather jacket wearing pop can curlers.

“Telephone for Lady Gaga” – cue the music

The actual song launches and the first portion is sung into the payphone. When the beat starts the frames follow Gaga (no jacket-less) into the center aisle and dancing ensues until its bail out time. Guess who? – Beyoncé, or as she is known in the video, Honey B. Then the Kill Bill homage begins as they travel to a diner where Tyrese Gibbons and a restaurant full of people are killed before Lady Gaga and Beyoncé break it down in the middle of the diner in motorcycle gang inspired American flag ensembles before both ladies seemingly escape into the sunset.

In terms of Lady Gaga and a comparison of the short music film “Telephone” and the similarly designed “Paparazzi,” it is a hard decision to pick the best. “Paparazzi” featured the music track almost continuously after it began while “Telephone” has a lengthy interruption before Beyoncé launches into her portion. Both featured “out there” plots, fashion, and dancing. In the end, I think “Paparazzi” wins out because of the better treatment of the music, but “Telephone” takes the fashion and ensemble award.


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