A Deeper Truth

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A Deeper Truth

I know I,

with fleshly desires

convey this longing for you I feel

in visions I create in your heart and mind

in word, but not yet, deed

our bodies entwined

giving, taking all we need

satisfying these lustful imperatives

felt so intently we ache

desires to have you…hold you…possess you

perhaps for the very first

lavish our love without reserve

without regret

beyond belief

incredible would it be

to be as deep within you as I can go

feel your body gripping mine

spasmodic pulsing

making us both cry out

in pleasure

this is all true…

I want all of this with you

but there is a deeper truth

I think you know

it’s why you love me so

the reason why you can’t put me away

or let me go

there is a need we share,

wrong or right, I don’t know…or care

you are in my heart

filling me to the brim

as if you, with thrusting stroke

make me spill…


make glisten

with the love you give

there is more to us

than meets these desirous eyes

your soul and mine are one

have always been

through time and space

I feel your fire inside of me

and the sweet words sent

of bodies blent

of sighs and cries

of nectar sweet

the sharing of our body heat

are just my way to say

yet, so inadequately, convey…



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