A Delonte West and Gloria James tryst? Cavaliers point guard might be hooking up with LeBron James’ mom

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In what can only be termed a truly bizarre sports story, rumors of a Delonte West and Gloria James tryst are storming the internet. Why is it strange? Because James is LeBron James’ mom.

That’s not the kind of assist you expect from your point guard.

So is there any truth to the rumor? I don’t know. It’s highly unlikely. Many have said West and Gloria James were having an affair and LeBron found out before game 5 against the Celtics, which would explain his distant and disengaged performance.

If it were true, this would be a truly remarkable tale. The bonds of the locker room are deeper than almost any – with, ironically, the possible exception of family. And dating or hooking up with a teammate’s mother would seem the ultimate violation of that trust and bond.

And I know that West has had some serious psychological problems in his career, as he’s admittedly bi-polar and was once pulled over carrying weapons on a scooter. But it would take a truly unhinged guy to have this kind of affair with a teammate’s mom, particularly during the playoffs.

And West’s dodgy background only makes him an easy target. Need a rumor about LBJ’s mom and a teammate? Pick West, he’s loony anyway.

There’s no way it’s a real story. But, given the hailstorm of questions about where his next NBA stop will be after a stunning collapse against the Boston Celtics, one has to wonder if LeBron doesn’t enjoy the distraction from the normal line of questioning.

I’m guessing no.

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