A Diet for Mental Illness and Cancer

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  I have already written numerous articles explaining the diet to treat mental illness and the justification for it. Further research has shown that the same diet fights cancer, but for different reasons.

  Some studies have shown that vitamin A is helpful in preventing cancer. Other studies have shown that vitamin E is also helpful in preventing cancer. Selenium has also been shown to have anti-cancer effects. One of my sources for this information is the book "Biochemical and Physiological spects of Human Nutrition" by Martha Stipanuk. This hardbound text was published in 2000. Although very technical, the book contains a lot of useful information. My articles are on a simpler level. She is a professor at Cornell University.

  The issue of carcinogens is another can of worms. There is a strong theory that there are carcinogens in meat. I favor the use of organic foods to try to minimize the exposure to carcinogens.

German Research on Schizophrenia

  In 1954 the Vogts of Germany found anatomical alterations in all cases of schizophrenia that they studied.




  They found wasting cells, which they called "Schwundzelle". There was a progressive disintegration and disappearance of the tigroid substance. There was an increase in fat content. The nucleus becomes pale at first and then disappears (karyolysis).

  The cells lose the Nissl substance and undergo vacuolation of the cytoplasm. The cells become filled with fat. Balloon cells were seen.


  The fat vacuoles may result from the cells overeating some macronutrients. The loss of nissl substance suggests that amino acids are involved because the Nissl bodies house these amino acids.

  C. Y. Malis of Russia demonstrated an unknown toxic factor in the blood of schizophrenics in 1959.



  My analysis indicates that amino acids, particularly tryptophan, are flooding the brain cells in schizophrenia. This suggests a vegan diet, which is relatively low in amino acids. The vegan diet is also good for cancer because it is high in fiber and low in fat.


  This same diet is also good for cholesterol and for hypertension because fruits are low in sodium and high in potassium. Vegan foods have no cholesterol. In order to avoid problems of pesticides, organic foods should be selected. I take vitamin supplements as well as following the vegan diet. With this diet I have kept my weight under control.

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