A Disturbing Ad With A Personal Note

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I’m posting the following link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNtN2lJcE88&feature=player_embedded) to a commercial for the North Texas Food Bank.  The ad is powerful but I have a bit of personal involvement because my nephew, Jack, appears in the ad toward the end with two females and my cousin’s daughter, Blair, is in the second photo shown with the man.  I thank God that they are only playing a part in this ad and are not really hungry but I can tell you from personal experience that this ad hits close to home.

Fourteen years ago I lost my business and subsequently was evicted from my home of twelve years and was forced to find shelter in a homeless shelter for women.  I’ve spent the past thirteen years working my way toward getting back on my feet and there have been a number of times when there was nothing to eat in the house and I didn’t know where the food would come from.  Fortunately, God always provided but I know how it feels to not have food and it’s not a fun experience.

This ad shows families but it’s even harder for a single woman who doesn’t have children because the rules for food stamps are limiting.  If a woman doesn’t have young children and no way to prove how she’s going to pay rent, she can be denied food stamps.  I know because when my unemployment benefits ran out after I’d been laid off after 9/11, I went to the Welfare department to get help and they wouldn’t give me food stamps unless I was homeless or could prove how I was going to pay the rent.  Fortunately, my family was able to help but what about all the women out there who don’t have families to help them?  Even single men have this challenge. 

I was almost evicted three times because of lack of money because I couldn’t find a job after the law library field changed.  Fortunately, again, I have friends and family who helped me but a neighbor of mine wasn’t so fortunate.  She lost her job and was evicted because she had no one to help her. So, if you know a woman who is single and has no children and has lost her job, be aware that she may not have money for food or rent and may be embarrassed to say so.

It’s easy to buy someone a Visa or American Express gift card and get it to her anonymously.  Or if you can offer her some money toward the rent, that would be a big help in that situation.  Or offer her brief work, if you can.

I’m planning to start an organization called “Hope  & Help For Single Women” eventually to help women in these predicaments.  In the interim, please be aware of someone in need around you.

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