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“Summer tempest”

An excerpt

The dust cloud that covered Manhattan started to disperse and moved southward. Erella did not have any intention to wait till it would cover her penthouse, she sent her crew of household workers to their families, while she moved to a comfortable suite in Waldorf Astoria hotel at Park Avenue; not far from a hidden spacious apartment that served her late husband for clandestine meetings with various persons dealing with economical issues, and with other dubious factors in various domains, which she intended to investigate and expose his interest in them.

She intended to visit “their home” in which her late husband lived all alone, and another summer abode in the northern suburbs of the city; a site that only now she learned about its existence, in which her late husband must have hosted his different lovers and some other dubious women, on their existence she did not have any information except her suspicions.

The only employee left with her for the next two weeks was the experienced driver her late husband nominated to serve her right after their marriage.

He was an introvert type but an excellent driver and very experienced one. His ugliness might have been the cause for his limited relationships with other people, he was already then middle aged and he could retire nowadays if he wished to, but his tight relationship with his boss’s wife and his loyalty to his boss were the reasons why he served Erella on.

As long as his boss was alive he had to report to him his wife’s comings and goings, where she was and with whom she talked or to whom she called in his presence… But now Pat O’reilly did not have to pretend his loyalty anymore, his pretence turned into reality. He had no other choice but be Eralla’s dedicated and loyal driver.

Just one day after she has settled down in the suite she booked in Waldorf Astoria O’reilly drove her to her late husband’s hidden house. Bernard Volkovitch that served as her personal secretary prepared the house agent for the visit, and warned him to leave everything in its place.

The only problem that was left to Erella was to reach her destination; a problem that did not bother her much of course, for she was surrounded by enough vassals and lickspittles, which were ready to serve her with all their abilities.

‘Do you know how to get there? We won’t get lost I hope.’ She turned in mid trip from the spacious rear seat.

‘Yes Mrs.,’ he answered her briskly glancing at her through the mirror.

‘So you’ve been there several times already, haven’t you? You know the place right?’

He coughed several times and glanced at her through the mirror again with flushed face.

‘I’ve been there many a time Mrs.,’ he answered after a slight hesitation.

‘Well you’ve gained my trust O’reilly; I hope I’ll be able to rely on your support from now on.’ Erella remarked without changing her mien.

‘Sure Mrs.,’ O’reilly hastened to express his loyalty with a flushed face.

The visit at her late husband hidden house reminded Erella science fiction movies. If the details that the family lawyer exposed to her were the bottom line, the huge sums of money that were accumulated in her late husband’s accounts, the hidden house treasures seemed to her like the treasures of the Vatican Museum.

Some of the contents of the complicated deals were included in the corporation books, and some were covert; which means deals that not even one cent of the whole sum of each one of them, was deducted as tax to the American treasury.

In her first visit Erella passed over six long hours in her late husband’s hidden house, without feeling how the time has elapsed.

Equipped with her late husband bundle of keys she opened his desk’s drawers, and studied eagerly the astonishing details that were revealed to her; she started to write down the main points in his private diary next to the various codes written by his hand, trying to decipher them as much as she could.

She had very little success due to her limited experience and her past lack of interest in her late husband’s business.

The deal that attracted most of her attention was a rather small one, with hardly any importance compared to the rest of the revelations that she made. It was the acquisition of a private investigations agency, while its employees became workers in one the corporation’s subsidiary company, but served in fact as her late husband’s body guards and they were the performers of various special tasks according to his instructions.

This revelation solved the riddle that troubled her so much, how she was followed and by whom. The details of the various tasks were written in coded initials.

If she wants to decipher it she’ll have to question the agency employees, but if even just a few of the tasks dealt with following her; she had no interest to get down to details and embarrass her late husband’s loyal workers, and above all there was no need to do it as this era was simply over.

She straightened up in her late husband’s comfortable leather armchair with a satisfied smile on her lips.

In what kind of jobs would I employ them now? She wondered thoughtfully. Well in industrial espionage that’s what they did, and that’s how they would be employed on. Anyway it’s a very sensitive issue and I’d rather be updated on all their future activities.

“Summer Tempest”

The plot of this novel relates the era of the late 90s up to the beginning of the current century. It’s the era of hope for peace following the peace agreement between the State of Israel and the P.L.O. organization that was signed in 93, and the disillusion and despair that followed from 95 on with the outburst of the disturbances and the terror attacks.

The two protagonists are Yoske (Joseph) Solan and Erella Zingman Abrahams, both of them and their relatives and friends represent the generation that was born at about the time of the State of Israel war of Independence, during the late 40s and up to the beginning of the 50s of the previous century.

Both the protagonists are married, they were in a romantic relationship during their youthful years; Erella is married to an American tycoon and lives in New York City, while Yoske is married to her best friend Nehama.

Erella lands in Ben-Gurion airport near Tel Aviv, in the midst of this stormy era, to visit her relatives, and with the desire to renew her romantic relationship with her old flame Yoske.

105 chapters

250 pages
122,959 words


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