A fallen Gleek

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I lovED Glee..

Notice the past tense..

I loved the first season of Glee.. it was a great show with great songs.. and it was fun listening the songs on my iPod while at work.. I even went to the Glee Live concert with a bunch of my girlfriends!

Second season was alright.. I wasn’t as into as the first season.. and I didn’t download all the songs.. but I did go to the Glee Live concert again!

This season.. oh man.. this season has left me unimpressed.  I am not a fan of any of the songs and the storylines just seem like they are lacking much thought.  I haven’t felt the need to download any of the songs from this season.. and if they continue in this direction.. I will most likely skip the Glee Live concert!

Oh Glee.. what happened to you?

Please improve!

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