A Firefox is a Real Animal? Mozilla Marketing Campaign Shows Live Webcam of Actual Firefox’s

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Many of us probably use Mozilla Firefox are our primary internet web browsing machine.  Many of you are probably reading this article on Firefox right now.  It’s the web browsing tool of choice for the web-savvy (but not overly web-savvy) consumer.  The type of people who don’t feel like downloading Opera but also know Internet Explorer is weak sauce.

So, Firefox users, have you ever actually considered what a “Firefox” actually is?  No, it’s not a wTOKYO - JUNE 24: A baby Fennec is seen at Sunshine International Aquarium on June 24, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. The small nocturnal fox babies were born on May 17 and opened to the public from June 20 attracting many visitors to the Aquarium. (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)ild, cave dwelling animal with pyromaniac tendencies.  According to Gawker, it’s actually a red panda.

And in a brilliant ploy to make its users more aware/promote the updated Firefox 4/explode users brains with cuteness, Firefox has released Firefox LIVE.  Firefox LIVE features six cameras focused on two baby female red panda cubs and their immediate family playing inside a glass-protected play area in the Knoxville Zoo.

Mozilla, obviously is sponsoring this live feed.

What’s more, the more people who download Firefox 4, the closer the baby firefoxes get to receiving a “treat,” which you can view with instant gratification on the Firefox LIVE site (firefoxlove.mozilla.org).  Apparently, the baby firefoxes can gain a jungle gym, with your help of course.

Will you assist these tiny red pandas in their lifelong dream of playing on a jungle gym? What do you think of Firefox’s marketing campaign?


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