A Food Stamps Program for Pets

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There has been concern, for a long time, over what happens to pets when owners fall on such hard times that they can barely afford to even feed themselves. Now there is an option for individuals and families who no longer have the money to provide food for their furry companions. Pet Food Stamps is a new donation based program, based in New York but available to low income people and food stamp recipients throughout the U.S., reports Yahoo.

So far, over 45,000 animals have been signed up for the program, which provides pet food on a monthly basis for a six-month period, once income and need has been verified.

Those who make donations to this cause should be commended for their generosity. However, with so many starving humans around the world, some would argue that the needs of people should be taken care of before animals.

This isn’t the first program of its kind. Animal shelters and rescue leagues have been helping to meet this need for years.

According to ABC, shelters are hoping this new program will “keep animals off the streets and out of overcrowded shelters”.

The executive director of the program, Marc Okon, says they are not looking for government funding at this time. He goes on to say, “Should the government be willing to provide assistance further down the line, we will look into it.”

Although the application for the program is only available online at this point, Okon says it will soon be accessible through the mail as well.

Since people often consider dogs, cats and other animals to be a part of their family, this assistance will come as a big relief for so many who have been worried about how to feed their pets during these difficult economic times. This is just one more reason to believe that the United States is the most charitable nation in the world.

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