A Frightening Day in Photos – Octomom in a Bikini and Heidi Montag Post Surgery Pics

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I am about three months pregnant, so it doesn’t take much to make me feel like I’m going to hurl these days.  So when I stumbled across photos (and other pics–Oh yes, there was a photo shoot) of Octomom in a bikini on The Superficial, the urge to purge was stronger than ever.  Hey, I’m not that mean, and it’s not even her milk toast colored body that’s completely terrifying.  I mean, the woman has given birth to like a bazillion babies.  But that face – that over-surgeried (Yeah, I know that’s not a word) thing at the top of her neck will haunt my nightmares.  And what, pray tell, is she doing frolicking on the beach when she has a sure-to-be screwed up brood at home?

In the same vein, The Superficial also posted some of the first post-ten-plastic-surgeries photos of Heidi Montag, and they are nearly as frightening.  I do believe the girl has turned into a mannequin, which is really fine when you consider she was about as interesting as a pin cushion to begin with.  But you’ve got admit, the photos are disturbing.  Maybe Spencer Pratt will keep carrying her around to get him into parties, kind of like a real-life Weekend at Bernie’s.



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