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Wishing all the moms in gatherland a wonderful Mother’s Day!

We celebrated Mother’s Day early, Richard treated me to my favorite Italian restaurant, Pia’s Trattoria in Gulfport, FL – take it from me if you like Italian and you happen to be in the Tampa Bay Area, go eat there. It’s within walking distance of the pier and the beach, in the heart of the small art district of Gulfport, Florida.

If you like antiques you will probably find something in one of the many unique shops. If you like art, you will hit pay dirt at very reasonable prices.

Gulfport has several nice restaurants including a micro brewery and I ask you what’s better then ending your day with a sunset over the ocean?

click here for a review of Pia’s Trattoria restaurant for a full write up and pics.

The place always makes my photographer’s heart beat faster and I sure wish I could paint some of the pretty scenery.

Anyway – let’s start with my Mother’s Day flower basket


I thought I’d share all this beauty with my gather friends:

Wouldn’t you like to sit here

sipping on a glass of wine?


Here’s a shot of their sidewalk cafe:

Great spot to watch the world go by

you’d be amazed at all the interesting people you see in this place.


 It’s a lovely place to hang out


After dinner we strolled along the water

Check out this adorable little pooch:)

Poor guy was squinting into the sun


One of the white egrets

out fishing


It was a nice serene walk

along the beach

at the end of the day.


I hope everyone is having a fabulous day today. I’ll be calling my Mom in Germany in just a little bit to see how she liked her flowers. Next I’ll be making a fruity-cheesecakey-spongecakey concoction to be eaten with lots of home made vanilla flavored whip cream to take to a little family get-together at a friends house.  


Have a lovely Sunday afternoon my gather friends!

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