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I have spent a lot of time in hospitals lately.  I’ve gotten to know so many people and the story of their lives.  Sometimes I just listened.  There was Melanie.  Her daughter overdosed on Tylenol, trying to get her boyfriend’s attention after a fight.  Melanie has been sleeping in a waiting room, on a chair, for over a month.  Then there was the family who were waiting for the priest to give their father his last rites.  Many people with heart transplants and people with heart attacks.  Old young.  Male.  Female.  Religious.  Atheist.  Every background you can imagine.  But for some reason, it is “Cindy’s” story which touched me so deeply.

“Cindy” is a young, vivacious and attractive nurse who works in the ICU unit of a NYC hospital.  She was born in India, speaks three languages (English perfectly), moved to the West Coast, met a man from Tennessee and moved with him to NYC.  All I knew of her, at first, was this.  Her personality and loving nature was so upbeat it lifted my spirits.  She is in charge of one patient and is giving him extraordinary care.  Today I found out that she has had two open heart surgeries and is on the list for a heart transplant.  I was shocked, saddened and inspired by her.  A bit in awe too.  Suddenly she put a lot of my pain and issues in perspective.  She reminded me to be humble and positive.  She works taking care of so many hearts, while waiting for a new one for herself.

After my car accident last year I had decided to live each day to the fullest, but in the last few months I had forgotten.  I have dealt with a lot of physical and emotional duress in the last month or so, but I also have so much to grateful for and I must not lose sight of it.  I have my family and friends and I also have the love of a man who is incredibly special. 

I hope Cindy lives a long and wonderful life;  she has helped so many and touched so many lives, including me, indirectly.  Thank you, Cindy.  I won’t forget again.




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