A Hypocritical Jill Zarin Calls ‘Real Housewives’ Toxic

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Jill Zarin is on the screen again. Just when you thought you wouldn’t see her after she was fired from the Bravo show, The Real Housewives of New York, she’s back on Good Morning America to discuss her firing.

And Zarin contradicts all of her former statements she has made. First, she loves the show, loves the women, and enjoys all the exposure the show brings to her. Now that there is a firing slip in her mailbox, her tone is changing. On camera, Zarin shares that the show created a toxic environment for her and that it took her months to get back down.

Back down from her high horse? Jill Zarin ego surely shot through the skies when Bethenny Frankel left the show, leaving her in control to manipulate, bully, and harass other cast members. When Bravo had enough, she got fired. But Jill Zarin doesn’t want you to believe that.

Instead of admitting that she may have been the reason fans stopped watching the show in favor of other franchises, she wants you to know that she will be fine. Jill Zarin adds the irrelevant fact that she earns millions on other ventures. It sounds like she is getting back on her high horse.

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