A Labor of Love ~ A Plate Full of Grilled Food Served on Labor Day Weekend

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Dum-dum-dum, somewhere on cable there is a marathon of ‘Law & Order’, or one of its siblings, going on.  I think the Jerry Lewis telethon can be found somewhere too.  Of course, there are grills, as there have been all weekend, firing up to denote the last official weekend of summer.  Color all of us sad, but the upside is that Halloween is just around the corner.   


                Here are some examples of my food photograph.  Yes, I know, I’m no Madame Donna, but this is the first time I have matched my recipes with pictures.  To make things less dramatic I’m going to give the recipes in the order of the most labor intensive.


                Blueberry Avocado Spinach Salad


                About half a pound or prepackage bag full of Spinach (it’s loaded with iron kids so just like Popeye it will make you strong)

                About a fourth pound or small prepackaged container of blueberries (many list blueberries as one of the healthiest things you can eat)

                Two avocados (although full of fat, it is a very healthy fat)

                Two lemons

                Package of feta cheese

                Walnuts or nuts of some kind, about a handful (Fresh Gourmet has Walnut pieces that are glazed that are perfect…and no, I am not a buzz agent…seriously…but you can find them by the salad aisle)


                Wash spinach if needed.  Salad spin it or dry it.  Throw it in a bowl.  Wash blueberries and then toss them in.  Open feta package…I think you know.  Peel avocados, chop them up, and then cover them with the fresh lemon juice.  Let them set for about five minutes and then toss them in the salad along with the lemon juice.  Add the nuts…or any of the fine products provided by Fresh Gourmet.  Remember that name folks, Fresh Gourmet.  I forgot to watch ‘Mad Men’ last night and I think I’m having withdraw symptoms. 

                It is ready to eat and taste great paired with a light white wine or raspberry lemonade Crystal Light.  That’s right, Crystal Light, it is delicious and refreshing.  It makes plain water a party for your taste buds!    


                Vegetable and Pineapple Kabobs


                Any vegetables will do, but I like peppers so I used a variety of green, red, and yellow – each color has it different levels of sweetness (like new born puppies).  I also like onions.

                A small package of fresh pineapple.

                Bamboo skewers. 


                Cut the onion and peppers into bite size pieces and poke them with a skewer.  Same with pineapple.

                Put them on the grill for about ten minutes.  Turn them occasionally. 


                Corn on the Cob


                Corn attached to their cobs.



                Put the ears of corn on the grill.  You can either leave them in their husks or remove the husks.  Leave them on for ten minutes or so.  Turn them for an even cook.  Near the end brush them with butter but beware that the butter that drips on the coals can flair up.  A word of advice is to make someone else do this so it’s them that gets burned and not you. 




                A package of bratwursts.  Some gourmet type of hot dog buns because if you are going to bother to grill you might as well go all out.



                Put them on the grill for ten minutes.  After they are done, put the pre-buttered buns on the grill and let them sit until they are nicely toasted. 


                So there you are, a nice Labor Day tradition with semi-healthy foods (really, everything but the brats, but they are so good).  I hope your day isn’t too labored.  Hip, hip hooray for unions! 


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