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It’s been a while since I posted so I thought I’d write an update :) Everyone in my home is doing well. Easter was a success! I think Emma will have more fun next year because she’ll be able to walk better by then, but she had a good time. She understood that you pick up the egg and put it in the basket :) She had two egg hunts, one at my Goddaughter’s grandma’s house and our 2nd day of Easter was spent at Shawn’s Grandma’s house, then Shawn’s Dad’s house for another egg hunt and then we ended the day with Emma’s Godparents. Those two days were super busy! Emma was broke out in hives for those two days and I felt so bad for her. Then it finally dawned on me what was causing the hives, and then I felt dumb and like a bad mom :/ While Emma was on formula they switched her to soy based formula because she was breaking out in rashes all the time. Well about a month ago WIC switched her to whole milk and told us she had to be on whole milk for a while to get the nutrients for a while, and if the doctor thinks she needs soy milk then get the doctor to write a prescription. So Emma has been on soy milk for the past couple days and her skin has cleared up and she’s having less tummy aches! So yay for that!



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