A Man Accused in the “Barbecue” Wife Killing Flip-Flops on Manner of Death

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A man accused in a barbecue wife killing case is to stand trial for his alleged crimes. The French man admitted to murdering his wife and exhuming her body to burn the remaining evidence. He has provided numerous versions of her cause of death.

It is a very sad story involving murder and the tragic loss of a mother to seven children. In some ways, it reads like a very horrible crime novel. However, this story is real and borders on the macabre.

According to a published source, a French man, father to seven children, was set to stand trial for the murder of his wife several years ago. The case involves the man accused in a barbecue wife killing drama that is as egregious as it comes.

Reportedly, Benoit Piet, 38 at the time of the barbecue killing, murdered his wife, Adeline, 34, buried her body in the garden, and two years later exhumed it. He then tried to burn her remains in a barbecue on the family’s property.

Benoit said his wife went missing in 2006 from their home in the village of La Gouesniere, a region that is very picturesque in France.

When police queried the man accused in the barbecue killing of his wife, he initially said she may have left the family to “see the world.” He was released after a lack of evidence turned up to arrest him on suspicion of murder.

However, police remained on the case and brought the man back in for further questioning two years later. It was then that Benoit confessed to the murder of his wife in a roundabout fashion.

His story changed constantly as to how his wife died. In one scenario, he said his wife committed suicide. In another, he said that she was killed by a group of unknown assailants, who threatened further harm to him and his family if he went to the police.

Finally, the man accused in the barbecue killing of his wife said she died during an argument while he was heavily intoxicated. Even then, he would not say she died directly at his hands.

According to court documents, Benoit and his wife were moving along with a formal divorce at the time of her death.

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