A Morning Walk On The Beach (A Poem)

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A Morning Walk On The Beach (A Poem)

I sat on the sand and watched

As the sun climbed the horizon

The darkness gradually vanished

As the light of a new day was born

The frequency of the waves increases

Coming in as if they are new memories

A fresh insight into what was once a void

As quickly as they arrive, they simply vanish

The morning air seems to grab hold of me

As its constant movement cools the moment

It whistles through the massive palm trees

As if to make its presence known to all

The fog gradually fades from sight

Rendering a beauty as the haze disappears

Revealing a vision that cannot be duplicated

The ultimate art only nature can produce

The sky begins to show movement

Clouds dance together in the distance

The blues and whites seem to meet

As they hold onto the morning sunlight

The sand below me is soft and cool

It holds me with every single step I take

Looking behind me I see a trail of footprints

As if my path has been marked by nature

I feel the warmth as it consumes me

The ultimate solar heater is now in action

The coolness of the night air is no longer there

The sun has taken its place for now

The wind increases and becomes more constant

The air is moist as it seems to bounce off the water

The water seems to be in search of finding land

Waves become more forceful by the minute

A new day is born, a splendid transformation

The old one has become a distant memory

And soon, this day will move down that same path

And the beauty of the night will begin its dance

Vic Damico 2014


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