a new dawn

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a new dawn

while I here wait

the earth still sleeps

the world serene and slumbering

the time before it slowly stirs

to yawn itself awake

the world is dark with argent sheen

awash in silver soft moon glow

and glitters gold with subtlety

in man-made tungsten light

no more than mere these substitutes -

impostors of the

coming morn

like a herald of the sun that looms

the lightening skies

turn black to grey to blue

and clouds appear magenta puffs

against a brightening sky

the golden glow

purloins the night -

a cauldron of sun’s seething light

boils and bodes and bids goodbye

to moon and stars

who hide their face and slink away

as if abashed – in deference to

the dawning day

I stand, in awe, as Sol appears

commanding color, light and love

green grass below

blue skies above

as darkness flees its piercing gaze

the world embraces warming light

the crowing of the chanticleers

and a million clocks sound their alarm

“…Awake! Awake!…” they cry on cue

all come alive from deadened sleep

and stretch and yawn and duly rise -

throw open wide their shades and blinds

and there, in awe, along with me,

we greet the glory

of the day

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