A Night In The Emergency Room…….Again

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Some of you may recall several months ago I posted about spending the night in the emergency room with Hunter. He had a seizure in the middle of the night and we had to take a trip to the hospital. It turned out that he had what the doctors thought was a febrile seizure brought on by a quickly spiking fever. Last night Hunter woke up in the middle of the night calling me. He every so often does that and then goes right back to sleep so I really thought nothing of it until I heard a familiar gurgling sound that he made the last time he had a seizure. I ran to his room to find him having a seizure and choking on his own saliva. I did all the things that you are supposed to do pulled him out, rolled him to his side so the saliva would drain out of his mouth, and pulled off his pj's and diaper to cool him down. I called the ambulance and my husband who was at work. The EMT tried to give him an IV but stuck him in each arm and could not get the needle in. Once he got to the hospital since he was starting to come out of it and being more aware he was scared to death when they came at him a third time with the needle. Eventually they got the IV in, game him fluids, and some medicine for his fever. They also did blood work and all the tests and came to the same conclusion that they believe that it was a febrile seizure. Since this is the second time this has happened they want him to see a pediatric neurologist just to make sure there are no other problems. We still don't know what caused the fever. Probably a viral infection. Both times he has gone to bed fine with no fever and no signs of being sick and then he spikes a high fever. Even though this has happened before and I know what to expect it just breaks my heart to see my baby like that. So today will be full of talking to his pediatrician and deciding what neurologists to take him to and hopefully getting an appointment to have him seen. So if you think about it please keep him in your thoughts and hope that the ER doctor is right and there are no other problems that are causing this.


I am going on about 1 1/2 hours of sleep so bare with me and I'll get caught up with everyone's content little by little.

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