~A Nightmare~

There is a moment, every day, when the lights go out and the flow of energy leaves my body.  I fall into bed, allowing myself to feel the comfort of my bed and hopefully the luxury of a good night’s sleep.  When all aligns properly, Luna shines into my window.

But what about the waking hours?  Who am I then compared to my dream self or my creative imaginings?  It feels, at times, I am split into to beings or maybe even three.  Which of these worlds feels more real at times, to me, and which is the illusion?

Most days I float through my real world eager to get back to the world of the story that is bubbling in my mind.  This is not to say that I do not recognize the wonderful parts of my day and who I got to share them with.  It is simply I live and breath the story.  The next word waiting to be born as I pluck away on the keyboard.

This particular, most recent story, has kept me company for almost 24 hours.  It wants me to tell it and it is being very persistent.  It went to bed with me last night, woke up with me when the alarm went off at 5 am and spent the day with me.  In essence, it has trod through all three of my selves.  It was a chilly companion, as this is not the story with a happy ending.  Not yet.

It is the story of a woman, not religious, but bound by a religious law that keeps her married, in the eyes of her faith.  Although her ex-husband was devastatingly abusive to her and her children, even though she was divorced in civil court over 15 years ago and she and her daughters have had no communication with him for the same amount of time, in her religion only a man can initiate a divorce.  He can be “pressured” to give a divorce, but ultimately he must agree to it.

Which faith have you projected into this story?  Well, it is not Buddhism as Buddhists do not see marriage as a spiritual matter, but rather a civil one.  It is not Christianity because although it is very hard to get a marriage annulled, a woman can initiate the process.  Is it Islam?  No.  In this particular case it is Judaism  (A Jewish divorce is called a “Get”.  Please note this only pertains to anyone who had a religious Jewish ceremony If there was only a civil ceremony, this is not an issue.)  And the story is about me.

To be continued……….

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