A Palin-Johnston Reality Show Can’t Be Any Worse than Kate Plus Eight Minus Jon

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Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston appear to have it all.  They have name recognition, looks, family in the media, young love, unwed mother, cute son nearly the same age as her brother, Playgirl photo spread, brother in the war, brother with down syndrome, surprise engagement announcement and mom Sarah Palin.  That has to be more interesting than Kate Plus Eight now that they are minus Jon.

I know I would rather watch Bristol and Levi rather than media obsessed Kate Gosselin.  Kate states that she has to continue with the show in order to keep her children in shoes and fed.  So why not a young unwed mother who is on her own and not receiving help from her well to do parents?  I am sure both Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin want to keep little Tripp in shoes and diapers.  If you think about it, it makes financial sense.

Raising a child is difficult and expensive.  Parents have to work and often both parents are busy working.  This would allow Bristol to provide for her son and provide for him a life that would be outside what it typical of a teenage unwed mother would be able to provide.

Raising a child in Alaska is interesting.  Raising the former Governor of Alaska’s first grandson is interesting.  Raising the former Vice-President candidate’s first grandchild is interesting.  Raising the grandchild of a potential presidential candidate is interesting.  See all the different angles this could take just on Tripp alone.  Not to mention what all Bristol and Levi brings to the table.

Got to admit that it is a bit more interesting than a mom and her kids power washing a home and not wanting to get wet.

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