A Perfect Dawn

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a perfect dawn

warm morning sun
through my bedroom window beams
striping my bed
with shadows of the blinds…
birdsong cheers the early dawn…
my reverie take flight…
too early to think of
work and worry
or industry…
I choose to languish in
this womb of
fine percale and eider down…
I pound my pillows
slide my legs back and forth
feel the smooth sheets on my skin
find and fondle my friend…
my constant companion
up and ready for any mischief
I desire…
I close my eyes
thoughts of you invade my head…
the only thing I need to make
this morning…
this dream…
is your robe sliding from your shoulders…
silken folds upon the floor
you joining me
between my sheets
feeling your foot
Caress your intent upon my leg
and soon
so close we can’t discern
where I end
and you begin

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