A Poem a Day for Mindful Poetry

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A Poem a Day for Mindful Poetry



To be honest

This poetry contest

Has given me a headache

Backache and sore fingers

Trying out verses

In specific tricky form


One needs to conform

Counting words or syllables

Lines, often fancy rhymes

Counting, recounting

Writing, rewriting


The situation now so dire

My immune system


The cold bug visited

Set the throat on fire

I’m coughing, sneezing

The runny nose a-squeezing


While I’m still alive

I’d better pull out

Of the poets’ marathon

A poem-a-day-a-thon




P.S., I poured my heart out in free form on April 8, when I had a bad cold. Well, I’m still here, actually enjoying the contest. Although I don’t respond to every challenge, I have great fun reading the posts by so many talented Gather poets. Thank you, Susan, for teaching us and for your comments of encouragement to everyone.




© irina dimitric

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