A Pulseless Heart Doesn’t Skip a Beat

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Texas Heart Institute Doctors Billy Cohen and Bud Frazier have developed an artificial heart that does not beat. It’s not that it doesn’t work, though. The pulseless heart constantly pumps blood, unlike the human heart that rhythmically beats.

The thinking behind the artificial heart is simple, actually. Cohen said “mimicking nature” is not always necessary for a result. and likens the heart to air planes that have no flapping wings. At last, a doctor who speaks in a way all can understand.

The pulseless heart is just a pair of pumps, one single moving part in each, and Cohen describes it as the heart of the future. He said it is made from a “moderate amount of homemade stuff.” It’s simplicity is astonishing, considering the intricacies of the human organ. Imagine someday going in to have one of your screw-shaped propellers replaced, rather than a transplant. It sounds almost like bringing your car in for a tune-up.

The heart was placed in 55-year-old Craig Lewis, who lived for a month without a pulse or heartbeat. Lewis eventually passed away due to his disease, but Abigail the calf, who also has the Cohen-Frazier artificial heart, is still going strong, reports wired.com.

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