A Question For Authors.

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This is something I've struggled with for years, and now I'm interested in how you each view it yourselves.

How do you all decide who you share your work with. Of course close family and friends are typically a given, but I mean those outside of family and friends. We all know that getting as many eyes on your work is a GOOD thing, but it also risks years of hard work being stolen with a simple copy and paste command. o, how do you decide who to trust and who not to? Do you worry about theft at all? Have you ever trusted the wrong person? Do tell me your experiences with this.

I rarely trust anyone with my work – even work I'm not all that worried about. The work I do value I never share – in part because it's still  unfinished, but putting that aside I can't seem to think of anyone outside of friends and family (who could be biased) that I'd trust to read it. This is a big issue because I WANT unbiased eyes… but trusting them is hard as is watching that first publishing rights are not compromised in the process. As you might have guessed, this is why you don't often see much writing from me aside from the Snippets I do in fun for Rene's group.

So, how do you all handle this sort of thing?

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